How your blog on top on search engine?

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If we want blog/website in top search engine so :

  • We have to introduce blog/ website ex: to any more people or we called as another website.
  • get backlink
  • give more comment to other blog people, if we want blog/ website appear on top , we need to know, would like keyword what? because not possible the website/blog can appear in all keyword,isn't?
keyword is word which people used to search specific information in search engine(SE).

- give comment to other people, and while leave comment should be obey here:

1.when leave comment don't use name of the field name otherwise use the keyword which we want.
so, not name from us (ex: my name is syifamanna), not syifamanna which have to fill in the box field name, but Wisata internet, bisnis online,etc.
this is we called "Anchor Text" and have more effect in order to the website/blog on the top in Search Engine.

2. ON adress website fill adress website/blog which will be top rank,ex:

3. Make sure have a good comment ,not a waste....

so, lets we try...

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